Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Easter 5: John 15 and Acts 8 (Year B)

This post links to the Revised Common Lectionary passages for Easter 5, Year B, most recently May 3, 2015.  You can find my post by clicking here.

A tidbit of a sumptuous post:
αμπελος ("vine"; 15.1)  Like many metaphors in John's Gospel, a person new to the Bible can grasp its meaning, but a knowledge of the OT amplifies its significance.  The OT (Hosea 14; Jeremiah 2; perhaps also Ezekiel 19, but who understands Ezekiel...) makes the claim that Israel is the vine of the Lord.  Jesus here is saying "I am Israel."  All the promises, all the hopes (if not the judgment) of Israel in the Bible have been transferred to Jesus.

I have a bit older post on Acts 8 here.
Its all about the "way" but before we get there, a tidbit:
αναστηθι και πορευου ("Get up and go"; 8:26) Philip is told to "Get up and go" (a very familiar line from the OT; Abraham -- Get up and go!). The question is whether this is verbal coordination Hebrew style (Go in a quick way) or whether Luke is implying two separate verbs. 

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