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My name is Rob Myallis.  I am a pastor at St. Paul Lutheran church in Lititz, PA.  This site records my exegetical work on various lectionary passages.

When I began back in 2008, my posts mainly consisted of a few words/grammar points that caught my eye.  Overtime I have tried to organize my posts, making them more useful for myself and others who wish to utilize the Greek for Bible study and preaching.

To put it another way, if the post is an earlier post (2008-2010) it may be a bit more "raw."  I continue to work through the posts, trying to update my old posts.  My hope is that within three years time (2019) I would have helpful posts for all of the Revised Common Lectionary and Narrative Lectionary Gospel posts. 

If you are interested in Greek and would like to post on my site, let me know!

If you have tips on how this might be more useful, let me know!


Rev. Rob Myallis


Rob_Tennant said...

Great resource - thanks for providing it. I am a pastor in NC and this is the first I've come across your blog, but will now use it in my own preparation.

Kristen Skriver Frandsen said...

Thank you for your great Lectionary Greek. I edit a danish The text this Week. For the future I'll bring a link to the relevant lectionary. I think it is very healthy for your homiletic work to consider the possible meanings of the keywords in the text. I link here to my post for the next sunday (not so rich in your lectionary, because it is a little old) - but you can see how it will appear. (In the box "Til eksegesen").
Happy easter!
Kristen Skriver Frandsen