Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Revelation 7:9-17

7:9 (Grammar note: the participle for "robed" is in the perfect. It happened in the past but still effects the present states, namely, that they are robed. Here it is used as a circumstantial participle; in 7.13 it will be used as a substantive)

7:9 The word for count here is "arithme-oo..." God's math just didn't add up ;-)

7:9 The word for Palm branch here is "phoienix" or phoenix! In John 12:13, the people wave these before Jesus.

7:10 Loud voice is literally "mega phone."

7.15 The word for "shelter/spread tent" is "skeno-oo" which is from the Greek for tent. In the beginning of John's Gospel (1.14), Jesus is said to have "dwelt" or "tented" among us, drawing on the OT idea of God's tabernacle presence. Now however, the dwelling is not among them, but upon them.

7.17 The word "wipe away" or "destory" (exaleiph-oo) is also found in Acts 3:19 and Col 2:14, where Jesus wipes away our sins.

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