Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lent 3: Exodus 20 and John 2:13-22 (Year B)

Here are links to the OT and Gospel passage for this Revised Common Lectionary readings for this week (Year B):

John 2:13-22
οικος του εμποριον (house of market; 2:16)  German has a nice word:  Kaufhaus, in which the word for shopping center contains the word house.  Since we don't in English, the writers drop it and say, "market" instead of the literal "house of market."  While our churches today may not be a house of market, I wonder if this really is the alternative to church:  a few more hours to purchase things on TV, at the mall or on the internet; a few more hours to work; a few more hours to pay bills.

Exodus 20
אנכי ("anocki", meaning "I", 20.2)  The first word of the ten commandments have nothing to do with rules, but God affirming his role as their savior and Lord.

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