Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mark 1:40-45

1.40 The word for encourage here: "parakale-oo" also means encourage or summon. An interesting idea that he encourages Jesus to do the healing!

The word for "clean" is katharize; as in cleanse us from our sins.

1.41 The word for compassion in Greek refers to intestines; Jesus gets tight in the stomach at the sight of the man. Here the verb for touch is hapt-oo, which means to touch (as opposed to earlier siezing).

1.42 This verb here for admononish can have a very strong meaning, but it is not necessarily without compassion. For example, Jesus is said to have undergone this (embrimo-mai) before he weeps in John's Gospel.

1.44 The first witness of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark, then, is this lepor; the word for testimony is martyrion!

1.45 Not only is the leper the first witness, but he is also a proclaimer, ie, functioning as a herald (kehryss-oo).

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