Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mark 1:29-39

1.31 The word here for hold is "krate-oo" which is not hold hand in a sentimental way. This is the word for power, as in democracy. This is the word for sieze. This is what Herod will do to John the Baptist (arrest) and what the CPriests want to do to Jesus. Jesus in Mark 1 is wrestling the demons, not smiling for the home video cameras.

The word here for serve (in the imperfect) is diehkone-oo, which means to serve, literally, to wait on tables. It comes into English (and the ELCA) as Deaconness, Diaconal ministers and deacons.

1.33 This passage begins with Jesus leaving the synagogue. Now the people are gathering around him (syn-ago-ing!) Where is church? Where Jesus is...duh...anyone 2nd grader who has read AC VII knows that.

The word for door here is also gate, as in Jesus is the gate (thura); as in, there was a stone at the gate of the tomb.

1.34 The word for healing is therapeu-oo. In short, Jesus' therapy session is on.

1.35-1.39 A word that appears quite often here is exball-oo, which means to cast out. Jesus had been cast out into the wilderness (herehmos), where he now can pray. There is a bit of a reversal going on here already.

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