Monday, November 17, 2008

Matthew 25:31-46

25.31 The word glory (doxa) is used twice in this verse.

25.32 The word nation here is "ethneh," which in the plural (as it is here) means "gentiles."

25.32 The object of the word divide is interesting. The word nations is a neuter; here the object of the word divide is a masculine, suggesting the nations are not what are divided, but the individuals in the nations (masculine plural pronouns can refer to a group that has both men and women).

25.34 This verse echoes much of Ephesians chapter 1, in terms of glory, inheritance, the idea of the foundation of the world

25.35 The phrase, I was a stranger and you welcomed me actually has the word: "xenos" and the verb is "synagagete." To translate a different way: "I was an outsider and you gathered me to worship." "Synag-oo" as a verb does not mean invite to church, but the word underneath means gather...hospitality might seem like a weak translation.

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