Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Matthew 25:14-30

25.14 The word for possessions here is "hyparxhonta (participle)" comes from the verb for "to be" an does not simply mean goods, but really the entirity of one's resources and means. Also, the word for "give here" is the same as the word for "betray" or "hand over" (paradidoo-mi).

25.15 The word for ability here "dynamis," means "power" more than ability.

25.18 The word for bury here "krypt-oo" means conceal, like "encrypted." As a noun it means secret. Who gifts are secrets!

25.24 The word for hard here is "scholaros"

25.25 The master rejects what is his, refusing to take it, giving it to the other servant.

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