Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Philippians 4:1-9

4:2 The phrase -- "Have the same mind" is essentially the same as in 2:2, when Paul encourages them all to be like minded (to auto phronein), literally, to have the same thinking.

- Paul uses the word "suzuge" coming from the Greek for "with-yoked." Perhaps an interesting way of thinking about having the same mind in Christ -- we bear the same burdens?

- Like in 1:27, Paul uses the word here for "strive" based on the underlying Greek word "athlete." "With-athleted" literally; finally Paul discusses the reality of being "with worked/co-worker" So in 4:3 Paul uses three different images to describe the our life together.

4:7 The word for "understanding" here is "mind" (nous) which has been played on throughout the entire book, again linking back to chapter 2 and having the same mind that is in Christ.

4:8 The last words of this verse (logizo-mai) can be sentimentalized to read "dwell on these things" but it means more like "reckon" or "take into account."

4:9 The word here for "received" (paralamban-oo)is the word that Paul will use in 1 Cor 11 to talk about what he received concerning communion.

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