Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Matthew 14:22-33

14:22 Jesus here "releases" the crowd (apoluoo); this is exactly the same verb that the disciples wanted Jesus to do before the miracles.

14:22 The verb for "cross" the sea here is "proagoo" which means to go ahead or lead. Interesting that he compels them to lead him!

14:23 The verb to "pray" is a middle verb, perhaps suggesting that prayer is us doing something to ourselves (ie, lying prostrate)

14:24 The word describing the winds as oppossed literally is "in anti." (enantios); The word for "torment" here is basanizoo, which can mean even torture (as in the the beast is basanized at the end of Revelation)

14:27 Jesus says, "It is I," literally "ego eimi," perhaps a play on the name of God.

14:28 Peter's words are in the indicative tense, which means that Peter believes it is a true condition: Since it is you, command me.

14:29 The word boat (ploion) continues to appear in the text here.

14:31 The word doubt here is in the aorist, suggesting that Peter's doubt is over. The word "oligopiste" or little faith, is almost exclusively Matthew (4/5 uses)

14:33 Back in the boat!

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