Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Matthew 4:1-17

This passage occurs in the Narrative Lectionary, Year 1, Most recently Jan 17, 2015)
I have written on Matthew 4:1-17 twice before:
Matthew 4:1-11 
Matthew 4:13-23

Two notes for Narrative Lectionary 2015:
1)  There is plenty of law in this text.  First, there is a struggle against temptation.  Second, there is the call both in word and deed to a total commitment to God.  Before you get too geared up, remember this text is used here as an Epiphany and not Lent I text.  Thus I think the focus should be illuminating something about Christ's identity; in this case, as the one who overcomes temptation.

2)   The NL includes Matthew 4:17, a call to repentance.  If one feels compelled to go in the law direction, I think looking at the bookends of the story is very helpful:  It begins with Jesus baptism and ends with a call to repentance.  Our own call to fight temptation, to repent, to struggle against sin, is grounded in our Baptism.

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