Tuesday, November 11, 2008

1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

5.3 There is a word here for destruction, "olethros," is very rare in the NT (4x; only in Paul). This word only occurs, it seems, in connection with the destruction that God brings in judgment when it appears in either testament.

5.3-5.6 have four different types of subjunctive clauses
a) An "hotan" clause = whenever
b) A "ou mh" clause with the verb ex-feug-oo (the last word in 5.3), which suggests that they will NEVER flee. (fugue=flee)
c) A "hena" clause which suggests result or purpose (in order that the day might be a surprise).
d) An "horatory subjunctive" in 5.6 "Let us not sleep."

5.6 Like last week, the word Paul uses here for sleep (katheud-oo) can also mean "die."

5.7 The word for drink (methusko-mai) is the word used at the Wedding at Cana; it is also used in 1 Cor 11 as Paul condemns those who abuse the Lord's supper.

5.8 Many translations read "to put on the breastplate." Grammatically, the breastplate is already there (it is in the aorist; the actions of aorist participles preceed the other verbs in the sentence). Oddly enough, this breastplate seems to protect us from God more than the world!

5.11 The Greek here reads, build each other up "one on one." :-)

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