Monday, September 8, 2008

Romans 14:1-12

14.1 It is striking that Paul would encourage people to NOT quarrel/judge over matters only three verses after he encouraged people to put on the armor of Christ. Also, the NRSV does a better job than the NIV with this verse of capturing the fact that Paul is concerned with the intent, which the NRSV helps point to by translating "but not for the purpose of..."

14.3 The NIV translates "exouthene-oo" as "must not look down on him," but the verb is even stronger, indicating more like to treat as nothing (how Herod treated Jesus during the trial); the NRSV seems closer with "dispise."

14.6 The word here for "give thanks" is literally "eucharist-oo."

14.11 The word for bend-knee (kampt-oo gony) and confess (exomologe-oo) are the same as in Phillipians 2.10

14.12 The word for account here is "logos," which is the same word in the Matthew text for the Master wanted to settle accounts.

[Note: The grammer in this section is good practice without being cruel; lots of substantive participles, good uses of the dative and some subjunctive clauses]

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