Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Matthew 21:33-46

21:33 The word for "landowner" here is "oikodespotehs" or despot of the house.

21:34 The word for "harvest" here is "kairos." The fruit belongs to the owner of the vineyard.

21:37 The word here for "last" (hysteros) is used 4 times in Matthew 21 and 22; and also in Matt 25 and 26, but rarely ever appears elsewhere in the NT...Matthew is starting to emphasize the final nature of things and of his Gospel.

21:37 The word for "respect" (entrap-oo) means more like embarass...in short, they will be embarassed enough to show respect.

21:41 The word for "wretched end" here is simply apollu-mi, or destroy (lose/perhish).

21:42 The word here for builder (oikodome-oo) is the same as in vs. 33. God is at work revising the mistakes of our bad construction!

21:43 The word for "people" here is "Gentiles." (Ethnos).

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