Monday, August 25, 2008

Romans 12:9-21

12:9 Paul uses the word "agape" for "love" in this verse, but also includes the definite article, which he tends to do for this word; so, it is really "Let THE love be genuine." The word for genuine is "anhypocracy," which means without hypocrisy or even more literally "without play-acting." Also, the verb here for "cling" is in the passive, literally "be clung." Although BDAG suggests this is a passive verb that can be translated in the active, perhaps we once again have a case where Paul threads the needle of agency between us and God.

12:10 The verb (proehgeomai) in the expression "Out do one another in showing honor" has a strong connotation of leadership and thus could also have the sense of "take leadership in showing honor."

12.11 The word (zeoo) Paul uses for "zeal" or "fervor" literally means to boil over. (Same verb as in Job says his heart is like new-wine skins, ready to burst)

12.12 The word (hypomenoo) Paul uses for "endure" or "patience" literally means abide, stay with, if not endure. This seems a bit stronger than simply endure, but it means to really stick with the suffer(s)

12.13 The word (piloxenia) for "hospitality" mirrors the word that Paul uses in vs. 10 (pilodelphia). The one is love of foreigners, the other is love of strangers...perhaps even a bit stronger than hospitality!

12.16 The key word in this verse is "phroneoo" which means "think" or "consider." This is the verb that Jesus will use in Matt 16:23 with Peter; it also the key verb in Phil. 2.

12.18 Because Paul leaves out the verb in the phrase "if it is possible" and instead writes "if possible," how hypothetical this admonishion is remains unclear.

12.19 The word God never appears in this verse, so it should be left simply as "wrath."

12.21 The present tense imperative implies here that the people perhaps had been trying to overcome evil with evil. Also, the verb here is "vikaoo" which is the word for victory, as in, Nike brand shoes...or Jesus victory over death!

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