Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52

There isn't that much in the Greek here -- if you read it, you will get practice in comparative adjectives and relative pronoun sentences. However, the word for shrub/herb (lachanon) is kind of interesting in that its intended as a food.

The word here for buried/hidden (krutpoo) in vs. 44 is in the perfect -- it was done in the past but its present condition still remains. The word for sell here is "agorize," as in the agora is where he went to sell the goods. The word for pearl is "margarita" and the word for merchant is "emporos." (vs. 46). Also, the verb in vs. 48 for collect is the same as last week (for gather), sullegoo. (When you have a sun/syn-prefix meaning together the n morphs into the next letter). Matthew uses this word 4 other times in various parables...
In Matthew 13:52, the word for "bring up" as in the master "brought out" or something his treasure, new and old -- the word here is exballw, which is means expel, normally used in conjunction with demons...

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